Remember Plastic Straw Bans? The NEW Straw Conversation Is About Hygiene

Posted on May 22 2020

Remember Plastic Straw Bans? The NEW Straw Conversation Is About Hygiene

Remember the plastic straw bans? It seems so long ago that restaurant owners were worried that customers wouldn't come if they didn't offer straws. 

What a different world we live in now.

These days, restaurants are struggling to stay open at all.

And the straw conversation? It's no longer about pollution and sea turtles. 
Now, it's about safety and hygiene.

As restaurants are forced to adjust to new distancing and sanitation requirements, and customers are both longing to dine out and nervous about doing so, the focus is on making the experience safe for everyone.

Here's what we're seeing from our side of things: people are more motivated than ever to bring their own straws when they dine out. The reality is that the idea of sipping from a cup or glass--no matter how recently removed from the dishwasher--makes folks worry about who might have touched it with a gloveless hand. 

Using your own straw is a simple way to enjoy your beverage while not worrying about putting your mouth on your glass. Plus, a beautiful glass straw adds a soothing element of luxury to your sipping experience. 

And who doesn't long for soothing luxury these days? 

We're listening. And while we have traditionally offered our 25-packs with drawstring carry bags sold separately, we are now making it easier to take your straws with you to use at cafes and restaurants.

We're giving 5 free drawstring bags with every 25-pack of straws (use discount code 5FREE). This way, you and your loved ones can bring straws to use and share with others at the table.

As you venture out to support your local restaurants in the days and weeks ahead, please do whatever you can to keep yourself, your loved ones, and restaurant workers safe. Choosing to protect yourself and others is a beautiful way to care.


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