Want 50% Off Glass Straws, Or a Buy One Get One Offer? You're In Luck!

Posted on November 29 2019

Want 50% Off Glass Straws, Or a Buy One Get One Offer? You're In Luck!

Here at ToMA, we do things differently. We celebrate Buy Nothing Day rather than Black Friday, and invite our customers to do the same. 

Retailers are going to be clamoring for your attention with their offers of 50% off or the chance to Buy One Get One. 

Well, we've got good news and bad news. 

Here's the good news: our high-quality borosilicate straws are less than half the price of our competitors' glass straws EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

That's because we're committed to making glass straws affordable in bulk for businesses and the events industry. We offer those same prices to anyone who wants to buy 25 glass straws or more starting at $24.95.

Plus, we offer FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states.

You see, we know that whenever you're asking people to change, making it super easy is key. So, we focus on eliminating barriers.

The bad news: since we already have the lowest prices in the industry, we don't offer big discounts often, and when we do, they're offered to subscribers first.

Wait, you're not a subscriber? Sign up at the bottom of our home page and get 10% off your first purchase!

So, we're not buying into the Black Friday frenzy, and that suits us just fine. We've been celebrating Buy Nothing Day for years now. It's a beautiful reset that fills us with gratitude for what we have and a greater understanding of what's important. It sets the tone for a more intentional and meaningful holiday.

We invite you to spend Black Friday connecting with loved ones. Put down your phone, grab someone's hand, and see what richness awaits. 

You won't miss anything important. There will be more sales in the days ahead. The stores will be decorated for several weeks. You will find plenty of wonderful ways to honor your loved ones this holiday season without trying to do it all today.

Just relax and enjoy. 

Ahhh....doesn't that feel better? 

Maya :-)




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