7 Simple Ways to Give Glass Straws As Gifts or Party Favors

Posted on September 15 2019

7 Simple Ways to Give Glass Straws As Gifts or Party Favors

We're often asked why we don't sell our glass straws in smaller packages. The answer is that we want to make a bigger impact in reducing waste.

You see, we're all about sharing #glassstrawlove. So, rather than sell our straws in small packages of 2, 5, or even 10, we sell our glass straws in boxes of 25 only. 

So, what are you supposed to do with 25 glass straws? Spread the #glassstrawlove, of course!

When you buy one of our 25-packs, for about $30, you have 25 gifts to offer to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. It's an opportunity to be generous AND to help others become more aware and reduce their single-use straw consumption. 

We hear from many happy givers who simply hand out straws individually with no wrapping or container, but some people choose to:

1) wrap a straw in a cloth napkin, bandana, or piece of fabric

2) offer a straw in a cloth bag (home-made or purchased)

3) present a straw in a fun pencil case

4) offer a straw in a reusable water bottle or meaningful mug

5) give a handful of straws in a glass jar as a hostess gift

6) offer a straw at a place setting tied with a velvet ribbon and sprig of rosemary

7) present a straw as part of a charming arrangement of flowers or with a small plant.

Concerned about cleaning brushes? Don't worry. Though each 25-pack comes with two cleaning brushes, the truth is that the cleaning brushes are rarely needed. Most glass straw users (like us!) just do a quick rinse by hand and leave the straw to dry in a dish rack, jar, or glass. Of course, our straws are dishwasher-safe, so they can also go right into the silverware caddy and come out sparkling clean.

No matter how you present your glass straws to friends, family, and neighbors, you can be sure they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you will be reducing plastic straw consumption.

We love our growing community of glassistas making a difference.


Ready to be generous and reduce waste? Choose your 25-pack here




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