Are Glass Straws Safe For Kids?

Posted on November 19 2019

Photo by Lindsay Ray of Raw Vegan Mama (on Instagram) of her two children sipping smoothies with ToMA glass straws.

Kids love using glass straws! In fact, we sell a lot of 25-packs to mothers and grandmothers who find that offering glass straws to their children and grandchildren is a great way to encourage drinking healthy juices and smoothies. 

Our straws are made of laboratory-grade borosilicate, so they're much stronger than regular glassware. They offer a smooth sipping experience that is completely non-toxic and flavor-free. Our straws are durable and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to pop them into the silverware caddy. They'll come out sparkling clean inside and out!

Of course, borosilicate is still glass, so you and your children need to treat glass straws the same way you would a drinking glass. Please note hat if your child has issues with motor function, glass isn't a good choice. Similarly, if you have kids who tend to turn any straight object into an opportunity for a sword fight, you might want to steer clear! You know your kids. If they're able to be trusted with a heavy drinking glass filled with juice, you can probably trust them to be responsible with a glass straw.

Glass straws are also a great way to bring environmental awareness right into your kitchen and conversations about pollution and planet health. Many kids are very attuned to the issues around plastic straw consumption, such as plastic pollution in the ocean and its effect on marine life. It's important for children to learn about how individual choices can help reduce waste, and switching from single-use straws to reusable ones is an easy, visible way to start becoming more mindful of daily habits. 

For children and teens who love sea turtles and want to protect them, or for anyone looking to reduce plastic waste and strive for a low or zero-waste lifestyle, glass straws are a wonderful way to reinforce the idea that making more sustainable choices can be downright fun. 

Get a 25-pack and share it with the children (and parents!) in your life!


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