It's December, and We're Excited About Our New Direction

Posted on December 03 2019

ToMA glass straw in artisanal amber in clear glass mug of tea with orange slice studded with cloves and greenery garnish. White background.

December is here! That cozy Christmas feeling is one I look forward to all year. And one thing I do every December is set aside time to take stock of the year and plan my personal and professional goals for the next one. 

This year, we launched ToMA in March. Our baby isn't even a year old yet, and we've been through a lot of changes together! We started out focusing on being a wholesale supplier of glass straws to bars and restaurants, but it quickly became clear that the greatest interest in our products was from millennial and boomer women (yes, we can all agree on the beauty and appeal of glass straws!) 

From wedding and corporate meeting planners to DIY brides and grandmothers doing the holiday hosting, we've seen so much energy and excitement among women that we are definitely concentrating on you ladies in 2020!

Not only that, but we're part of a trend toward spirit-free beverages. Women of all ages are saying they want to drink less alcohol, and they're looking for a way to make that non-alcoholic beverage (your morning smoothie, your desktop coffee, your one cocktail when you meet up with friends, or your evening herbal tea) feel more special and luxurious. We've got you, ladies! 

I am thrilled to be pairing my two biggest passions right now - spirit-free drinks and plants - to change up our Instagram feed, lighten up our brand imagery, connect with women botanical artists and alcohol-free beverage makers, and dive into creating more of our own content. 

So, yes, we'll still share #glassstrawlove with other vendors around the world, but watch for our 2020 theme: #getclearin2020

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I so appreciate you. :-)




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