Dry January Profile: Meet Elisa Wickstrom of Rhizome

Posted on January 15 2020

Dry January Profile: Meet Elisa Wickstrom of Rhizome

Elisa Wickstrom of Rhizome wants to heal your gut. Her company offers a delicious all-organic drink that does just that in three flavors: Super Tonic, Honey Lime, and Tart Cherry. All are brewed by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon.


Rhizome is both a botanical and philosophical concept.

Ginger and turmeric are rhizomes. They grow horizontally and infinitely. They have no beginning or end. Each piece of ginger and turmeric is part of a larger whole.

In philosophy, rhizome describes a non-linear process. A new way of approaching thoughts and activities. A rejection of the belief that thought and culture are by default hierarchical.

Our Rhizome drinks offer a new way to hydrate while healing.


For centuries ginger and turmeric have been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to reduce inflammation, treat colds, prevent nausea and improve gut health.

A few years ago, during our own gut-health journey, we began to brew fresh ginger turmeric tonic and consume it daily.  Not only did we love the taste, but within weeks we were astonished by the improvements in our overall well-being. We were hooked, and we wanted to share the benefits with as many people as possible.

My husband and I founded Rhizome because we believe strongly in having an honest food culture and we wanted to participate in bringing that to life. We believe alcohol and sugary beverages are two of the greatest detriments to health and well being, so we wanted to create a product that could easily support someone trying to find a delicious alternative.
We wanted to offer something that was easy and straightforward. You don't need to change anything about you or your life to enjoy Rhizome - we're here to meet you where you are in your health journey. You can just add any of our products into your current routine and immediately enjoy both the taste and the benefits. 
It wasn't until becoming a parent that I really started thinking deeply about food and the importance of what we put into our bodies. Our kids will tell you that I've become an obsessive label reader, particularly when it comes to sugar and preservatives. There are so many beverages out there that sneak in sugar, preservatives and stabilizers to boost flavor and make things last longer. The greatest offenders in my opinion are sports/energy drinks. These disguise themselves as helpful and recovery oriented while they are delivering loads of chemicals to your system.
If you are looking for an amazing energy drink alternative, I recommend mixing up a batch of our workout water. It has a delicious coconut, orange and tart cherry base with more electrolytes and muscle recovery benefits than gatorade. Try it, you'll never go back!


My favorite flavor is definitely Super Ginger ($16). It is the spiciest of our Tonics and I have a warm mug of it every morning. Right now my favorite product is our Mini Travel Gift Set ($18). It's always in my carry-on and is the perfect travel companion to ensure you stay healthy on your journey. It also makes a great hostess gift!


Looking for a delicious way to get healthy? Check out Rhizome's website at http://DrinkRhizome.com 

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