Dry January Profile: Meet Martha Wright of Clear Power Coaching

Posted on January 11 2020

Dry January Profile: Meet Martha Wright of Clear Power Coaching

Wine industry veteran Martha Wright decided to stop drinking. Now, she helps other women do the same. I caught up with Martha to learn more about her own personal journey and how she is building a community of mindful drinkers. 


Wine has a way of feeling like an entire lifestyle more than just a beverage, especially if you’re in the industry. Your customers are also your friends. The line between your job and your personal life is very blurred. We sold our winery a few years ago, but still own our wine import company. In the last few years, I took a big step back from the day to day operations, but was involved in the overall marketing and hospitality.

For 24 years, I enjoyed bringing people together through wine-centered events. And it works! People come out when you offer high-end Burgundy and Champagne. Now, I think the bigger contribution is to bring people together to strengthen community bonds (and show our kids that it can be done) without booze.


We did an intervention with my mother. She confided that for as long as she could remember, every day she’d thought, “This will be the last day for alcohol.” When she acknowledged long-time untreated depression, I was heartsick. It haunted me, but I didn’t recognize it as true for me. A few years later, I was waking up at 3 a.m. in a worry spiral, concerned about my physical symptoms. So it was a string of events, encounters, and a rare burst of inner wisdom. I say rare because alcohol depresses our ability to tune into ourselves. It takes a lot of messages to break through! 


I felt so empowered by Annie Grace’s [THIS NAKED MIND] work that when they offered a certification program, I jumped. I hadn’t felt that much motivation and energy in years. When drinking, I always had ideas, but just couldn’t make a move. Without alcohol, I had the ideas, plus energy and time!

WHAT’S NEW IN 2020? 

I love bringing small groups of people together to do Annie Grace’s 30-day Alcohol Experiment which I support with facilitated conversation and 1:1 coaching. I’m planning a February event with a feminist slant reading Holly Whitaker’s book, QUIT LIKE A WOMAN. Plus, I am creating a program to introduce middle/high school students to the concept of our power over our thinking.



Because I worked in the industry and because I’m otherwise wellness focused, I worked hard to put boundaries and limits on the amount I drank. And as a result I could tell myself that I really didn’t drink very much. I almost wished a doctor would tell me to quit. Finally one day, a voice came out of me that said, “It doesn’t matter what the doctor would say, or whether you drink more or less than anyone. The only question to answer is how do you feel?” 

Questioning one’s alcohol intake should be like wondering about intake of sugar, carbs or social media. No stigma. No shame. Whether you end up quitting forever or just drinking with more awareness, there is nothing to lose. 

Maya here. If this resonates with you, I highly recommend Martha and her good work at ClearPowerCoaching.com  Whether you're considering saying no to alcohol in January or forever, she can help you create your intentions, change your habits, and guide you along your personal path to greater clarity. 

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