Dry January Profile: Selena Ricks-Good of LANA Drinks

Posted on January 27 2020

Dry January Profile: Selena Ricks-Good of LANA Drinks

Selena Ricks-Good spent years living it up as a drinks blogger in New York City. Her DizzyFizz.com blog engaged a deep network of industry contacts, and she spent a decade producing experiential cocktail events praised by Imbibe magazine.

These days, Selena is a wife and mother who hardly drinks. Her pregnancy inspired the shift, as did a professional life that requires headache-free mornings. While continuing to plan cocktail events, she worked as the public relations director for a groundbreaking private art museum and is now the marketing director for a digital products firm embracing emerging tech. 

Seeing disruption ahead for the alcoholic beverage market, Selena is launching LIT Summit, the first tech summit geared to the liquor industry. The event will be held this spring in Brooklyn.

She applauds the growing low-ABV movement, and credits wellness trends, better ingredients, and a maturity of the beverage industry. ¨Drinking less intoxicating drinks, or completely alcohol-free drinks, means being able to pay attention to the things that matter in a world where we´re constantly distracted otherwise.¨

This month, Selena produced her first Low-And-No-Alcohol (LANA) event in New York. The response from participating beverage companies was positive. ¨Everyone is excited to see moderation become part of the conversation,¨ she told me.

Brands at LANA Fest included @athleticbrewing, @wearedaytrip, @hooghoudt1888, vermouths from Branca US, and chocolate from @rittersport

Despite a major snowstorm the day of the event, the turnout was great, partly thanks to being listed as the highlight event in Time Out NY. Selena was happy to see LANA Fest attendees truly engaged in conversations. ¨I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of college students, and the drinks themselves were even better than I was expecting.”

Buoyed by the success of LANA Fest, Selena is planning a similar event this spring or summer. Follow @LANAdrinks on Instagram or visit LANAdrinks.com for updates.

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