Dry January Profile: Meet Summer Abbott of Oregon Kombucha

Posted on January 20 2020

Dry January Profile: Meet Summer Abbott of Oregon Kombucha

Summer Abbott envisions a world in which everyone brews their own kombucha. At Oregon Kombucha, she and her partner Connery (and their adorable daughter VIvienne) sell everything you need to do just that. 

Whether you want just the SCOBY itself ($14.95) or a complete Just Add Water kit ($38.95), Oregon Kombucha offers a range of products and flavor options on their website and at natural foods stores across the U.S.  Choose black tea (plain, pear ginger, blueberry) or green tea (jasmine, strawberry, coconut) and start brewing at home!


People LOVE kombucha. There is a mystery and magic to it. When we saw our friends spending all their money on bottled kombucha, we knew it was worth the investment. In 2009, we started brewing kombucha for local Portland cafes. It didn’t take long for us to realize the simplicity of making kombucha at home, and that we could help others realize the same. 


Oregon Kombucha is the original starter-kit company. We are the only company producing live kombucha cultures for a national market.


I love the complexity of it!. It is so many different things all at once: sweet, fermented and tangy, sophisticated, caffeinated. It’s a great alternative to high-sugar beverages, and perfect to sip in a bar if you are abstaining from alcohol. During pregnancy, it’s an ideal way to get added nutrients and help with digestion issues.




Oregon Kombucha operates with a DIY and sustainability ethos. We source organic teas, grow and ferment heirloom SCOBY in our dedicated facility, and package everything by hand. With care your SCOBY can live forever, producing many magical gallons of kombucha to satisfy your gut and your soul for years to come. We want you to enjoy what you make, and save some money while you’re at it (all those bottles of store-bought kombucha add up fast!)


We make one-on-one friendships with each of our customers and promise to work with you every step of the way to get the most out of your kombucha. We´re your kombucha brewing support team, and can answer any questions you may have!


Maya here. Ready to start saving by brewing your own favorite kombucha flavors? VIsit OregonKombucha.com to begin, and youĺl be reaping the gut-healing benefits in no time! 

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