Dry January Profile: Meet Sascha Archer of Sauvie Shrubs

Posted on January 09 2020

Dry January Profile: Meet Sascha Archer of Sauvie Shrubs

It's a pleasure to introduce Sascha Archer, owner of Sauvie Shrubs on Sauvie Island, just outside the city of Portland, Oregon. I connected with Sascha to learn more about her business and the story behind it. (Read my post about the history of shrubs here.)

Also, she has a perfect tag line: “Farmed. Foraged. Fermented.”  


It was important for me to tell my story of how shrubs helped in healing my gut, got rid of years of wicked indigestion, and assisted in shedding 80 pounds. While doing daily shots of ACV (apple cider vinegar) has been around forever, a lot of people still don't know about the health and wellness benefits of ACV. And for many that do, the taste and intensity of straight ACV can be a real turn-off. If you add some fruit, herbs or spices and minimal sweetener to the ACV, you've got a shrub. While it's still vinegar based, the flavor changes and it becomes quite pleasant. I tell people it's the palatable and fancy way to enjoy a daily dose of ACV.

I've also been a sparking water connoisseur for decades, and a few years ago, I started adding shrub shots. It’s become my nightly ritual. It was also around this time that I started noticing the NOLO movement and sober curious trend, which all made perfect sense to me. Everyone deserves to enjoy a drink that is equally as delicious and fancy as a cocktail but without the booze. And it’s an added bonus if it has health benefits. It really felt like the ideal time to launch my business and offer shrubs as an alternative to a cocktail.


There have been a lot of things that have surprised me along the way. When I first started out, I figured my biggest audience and customer base would be those who drink and want shrubs as a mixer for cocktails. More and more, this is changing and moving toward people who choose not to drink and are looking for the perfect alternative to a cocktail. 

I'm thrilled beyond belief to share that shrubs ARE that thing, and the added health benefits make them an ideal option. While shrubs have had a recent resurgence, many people don't know about them or how to use them. I love educating folks about the benefits of a daily ACV routine and all the ways to use shrubs, from marinades to warm drinks and just about everything in between. 

One of my favorite things is dreaming up new shrub recipes and finding creative ways to reuse the fruit mash after straining it out from the vinegar (so far I've made a shrub jam and am currently making a seasoning salt with my Fire Cider mash). I'm all about moving more towards a zero waste economy, and using and reusing every last ingredient. This aligns beautifully for me in our shared dream of how to heal and save the planet. 

Shrubs are fun because they are a drink for all ages. I'm constantly surprised that most children (even babies) LOVE the flavor of my shrubs and often end up being some of my biggest fans. In my opinion, ACV is a natural and miraculous medicine. I'm always learning about new ways that it aids and supports health and wellness. My favorite thing is meeting people and hearing their stories of how and what ACV did for them on their  journeys of healing and wellness.  


My current favorite is the Strawberry Rose Shrub. This was the first signature shrub recipe I came up with for the business. Sauvie strawberries are epic here on the Island, and rose is one of my favorite scents and plant medicine. It continues to be the best seller. I sell two sizes of the Strawberry Rose Shrub concentrate. The 2 ounce (4 servings) is $6 and the 8 ounce (16 servings) is $14. Both can be purchased on my website: www.sauvieshrubs.com and can be found in a few small local Portland stores.

Maya here. Thanks so much, Sascha!

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