Good News Alert: We're Celebrating the Generosity of our Customers

Posted on April 11 2020

Good News Alert: We're Celebrating the Generosity of our Customers

(Oh, it's feeling very real, so here's a very real photo of me wearing my homemade mask with my stripped-down lockdown look.)

I've been quiet.

I didn't want to add to the email avalanche of the past few weeks.

Plus, I wasn't sure what to say.

How could I possibly offer comfort? 


So, instead, I've been listening.


Listening to our resellers.

Listening to our restaurant managers and event planners.

Listening to our customers who buy straws to use at work or home. 


As I listened, a surprising thing happened.

You see, rather than feeling disheartened,

I felt inspired, even joyful.


Look, there's no denying that people are suffering.



so many are responding with

compassion and creativity


Want some evidence?

Below is just a handful of comments from our customers.

Their stories of how they are pivoting to be giving and of service 

brought tears to my eyes.


I'm guessing you're doing something equally wonderful,

like managing to get your kids educated and fed

while getting other things done.


So, here's to all of you

out there,

working in new ways,

making do,

giving creatively,

and staying positive 

despite your own hardships.


I see you. 

I salute you.

And I am sending love.




We've been cooking every day to keep our employees on the payroll, and providing free meals to folks in our community. 

Jackson, restaurant manager in Chicago


Since we're not selling a lot of our glass straws in cloth sleeves right now, I decided to make masks from the material I have. I donated them to the pediatrics nurses at our local hospital. 

Cara, Etsy seller in New York


It's been tough. We're closed and staying home. We started Zoom meet-ups for our customers, though. Each time, someone different teaches a recipe or craft. It's been fun and a great way to stay connected and reduce stress!

Kristy, home goods store manager in Seattle


Our events schedule is empty until late summer, so we're finding new ways to help. We had some gorgeous tablecloths and napkins that had small stains, so we turned them into face masks and gave them to a nearby assisted living center.

Lanette, event planner in Baton Rouge


I ordered a 25-pack in February, and wasn't sure how I would use all the straws. I've been doing grocery runs for the older people in my building. I gave one as a gift to each of my neighbors when I brought their groceries. They really got a kick out of them. 

Corinne, marketing director in San Francisco


There is an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at our workplace. It's mostly women. I gave one of my glass straws to each of them, since I have a sober friend who says her glass straw helps her avoid alcohol. I thought it might help these women during this stressful time.

Sara, project manager in Lexington


We ordered 50 straws for my daughter's bridal shower that has been cancelled. We bundled the straws in sets of 5, wrapped them with ribbon, and put them on our neighbors' doorsteps. We added a recipe for our daughter's favorite smoothie and a note that said, "Sip to your good health!" It was a fun way to reach out and let them know we care.

Marie, freelance writer in Walla Walla

See what I mean?

We humans have a great capacity for compassion.

Let's all remember and celebrate that. ❤


Of course, at ToMA, we are also greatly impacted by the closures. But the good folks at Relay Resources (the nonprofit employing people with barriers) are continuing to ship our orders. The warehouse is operating with a reduced crew, following strict social distancing guidelines, and focusing on frequent disinfecting of all surfaces. We are happy that every purchase supports these dedicated workers!


I wish you good health and grateful smiles. 😊


With clear love,


P.S.  If you are interested in sharing glass straws with your neighbors, read this for inspiration and go here to shop.

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