Introducing Our Newest Glass Straw Color: Freshwater Teal!

Posted on January 03 2020

Introducing Our Newest Glass Straw Color: Freshwater Teal!

I've loved the color teal for over thirty years, and I can prove it: my 30-year-old daughter is named Teal!

We're naming this glass straw color freshwater teal in honor of The Freshwater Trust, an outstanding conservation organization based in Portland that works to restore and protect freshwater ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, and California. We give a percentage of our profits at ToMA to support their ongoing projects helping both people and planet by ensuring that our freshwater resources are assessed, improved, and protected.

For me, the color teal conjures memories of the sparkling streams I played in as a child, and the lakes I canoed as a camp counselor. As an adult, I've been so fortunate to spend time along pristine rivers and lakes around the world. 

What water-based memory does the color teal conjure for you?

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