On Creating White Space and Getting Clear (Kicking Off Dry January)

Posted on January 07 2020

On Creating White Space and Getting Clear (Kicking Off Dry January)

We've been changing our visuals on the website and in social media. Personally, I love the clean look and feel, and the simplicity of each shot. I especially appreciate the white space. To me, it feels open and clear, with the focus on our glass straws and the greenery garnish.  

White space is, in design terms, the space between elements, but it's also an element in its own right. It creates a sense of calm, and allows the eye to settle more easily on the focal point. Without the white space, the eye continues to move, darting back and forth to seek meaning. 

The idea of white space and clear focus is especially relevant to our #getclearin2020 theme for this year and our current Dry January series All this month, I'll be sharing interviews and stories here and on social media featuring women who created some white space in their lives by getting clear on their health. Each one of them made a discovery and change that led to a healthier life for themselves and others.

We'll begin with Sascha Archer of Sauvie Shrubs. I've been learning so much about the history of shrubs and their health benefits. I

Check out the next post to learn about where shrubs started (back in 1900 B.C!) and how they traveled to every corner of the globe. 


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