Our Blue ("Larkspur") Velveteen Gift Bags Are Here! (Perfect for Holiday Party Favors)

Posted on November 08 2019

Our Blue ("Larkspur") Velveteen Gift Bags Are Here! (Perfect for Holiday Party Favors)

Looking for a luxurious blue velveteen gift bag for your glass straws? Wish granted!

We've had a number of customers request a blue gift bag for our glass straws used as favors at weddings or other social events, but also for corporate retreats, fundraisers, and private dinners. So, we found the perfect gorgeous blue, which we're calling "larkspur" after one of our favorite flowers. 

Larkspurs are delphiniums, those towering columns of blue and purple blossoms found in many cottage gardens. But there's also a native larkspur in Oregon (sometimes called "coastal larkspur") that was a favorite find whenever I spent time in Oregon coast woodland settings.

That's something I did a lot, in fact. I lived on ten acres of woods near Gaston, and though I might have complained on occasion about how far out in the boonies we were, I absolutely loved having woods to explore whenever. Even now, years later,I find that there's nothing that calms and inspires me like a walk through a forest.

Back when I was a camp counselor at Camp Kiwanilong, and later, the arts and crafts director at Camp Westwind (both on the Oregon coast), I taught campers of all ages about the flora and fauna of the area. These deep blue wildflowers were my favorite (along with the white trilliums that pop up through the moss in spring!)

Whatever this larkspur color reminds you of, I hope you'll fall in love with it the way I have, and consider offering our glass straws as gifts in our larkspur velveteen bags.




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