Smooth SIps

Glass straw love, botanical creations, and alcohol-free drink inspiration by Maya Frost, ToMA co-founder 

  • Photo of woman getting facial treatment at a spa. ToMA Glass Straws make it easy for spa guests to sip during and after facial treatments of al kinds, and add luxury and elegance. Photo: jcomp #
    Add luxury and eco-friendly elegance to your guests' spa and salon experiences (and make it easy to sip hot or cold beverages during or after treatments.)
    Add Eco-Elegance To Your Salon, Spa, or Wellness Center With Glass Straws

    Wed, Jul 15, 20

     We provide glass straws for luxury spas, salons, wellness centers, medical spas, and attached cafes, juice bars and retail stores.  Guests are delighted to be served a chilled or hot...

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  • The One BIG Problem with Going Strawless in Your Business
    Thinking of going strawless in your food and beverage business? Read this before you go down that path. 
    The One BIG Problem with Going Strawless in Your Business

    Wed, Jul 15, 20

    Considering going strawless in your restaurant or bar?  It seems like a logical--and easy--decision for any business. It's certainly more eco-friendly than handing out single-use straws. It saves you time...

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