Thinking of Going Alcohol-free This January? Join Us!

Posted on December 27 2019

Thinking of Going Alcohol-free This January? Join Us!

We're excited to announce our #getclearin2020 focus! You'll notice that we're featuring non-alcoholic beverages in our social media and web images, but that's not all. We're going to be bringing you stories, tips, and inspiration to make going booze-free feel like a self-care celebration! 

Dry January is a perfect opportunity to start 2020 with a reset of your habits. Our glass straws are a great tool for bringing attention to every sip while adding luxury and style to every beverage. If you're looking for a simple, affordable way to make going spirit-free a joy, I invite you to get a 25-pack of glass straws (starting at $24.95) and share it with your friends and family who are starting 2020 with a clear vision! 

During the month, in our social media and here on our blog, we'll be introducing you to some fascinating women who create alcohol-free beverages. Stick around and find out about some fantastic sober-friendly options that are nutritious and delicious! 




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