Glass Straws for Retail Stores, Online Shops, Market Stalls, & Fundraisers

Posted on May 27 2019

Glass Straws for Retail Stores, Online Shops, Market Stalls, & Fundraisers

At ToMA, we're happy to provide glass straws in bulk at wholesale prices for a number of uses. We welcome resellers interested in selling our glass straws in their brick-and-mortar retail stores (gift shops, club or spa retail areas, home goods stores), online businesses, farmer's or crafts markets (with your own cloth sleeves), or as fundraising items for storefronts, clubs, schools, or community organizations.

We like to keep things simple and sustainable, so we don't sell our straws in retail packaging. Our 25-packs of glass straws (whether all one color and length or in our mixed Party Pack) come in small cardboard boxes that are easy for you to store and use or distribute as needed. 

We sell our glass straws for between $1 and $1.20 each, and they retail for anywhere between $3 and $9 each. They are an easy, low-cost and highly-profitable addition to any retail operation or fundraising project.

So, how do you present the straws to your customers? It can be as simple as placing the straws in a glass jar with a handwritten sign designating the price. If you're making cloth bags or gift baskets, you can add them to your wares. Looking to sell them individually online? Just wrap them in newspaper, roll them in magazine pages, or place them in a small cardboard tube. Whether you sell our glass straws on their own, with a cloth sleeve or craft box that you create yourself, your customers will be be delighted! 

Don't have your own bags or containers? We offer drawstring cloth straw bags in natural jute or gray velveteen. 

NOTE: We do not offer or recommend branding of the straws themselves.  Etching (cutting into) the straws can leave sharp edges, and printing can peel off over time. To maintain the integrity and natural beauty of the glass, we sell our straws undecorated.

It's easy to start selling glass straws in your store or to raise funds for your favorite cause! Just choose a 25-pack (or several) in your favorite colors and lengths. 

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