Top Hack For a Simple Christmas Holiday (Or Any Time of Year)

Posted on December 05 2019

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If you want to keep things simple this holiday, I have a great hack to share. It's something I've learned along the way that really simplifies the process of, well, living simply. 

You see, I'm a minimalist. I have been for over 15 years.


My husband and I live (and work!) in a studio apartment we love. We have no car. When we travel, we bring a carry-on bag each, whether we're visiting our daughters or exploring a new place for months at a time.


So, I've had a lot of practice paring things down. I've learned to curate the holiday season in order to make this time of year meaningful, stress-free, and sustainable. (In fact, I've taught many others to do the same!)


It's easier than you think, really. The key to simplifying is to focus on ways to make your everyday experiences feel more special.


If you're like me, what you love most about Christmas is the little moments. Instead of having your usual morning coffee or evening sip, you get to do it while looking at the Christmas tree lights in your living room. Maybe you add some cinnamon to your favorite beverage. Perhaps you listen to Christmas music while cooking or cleaning the house. These are the kinds of simple moments that make Christmas feel special, and they don't cost much at all. 


So, rather than layer activity upon activity, presents upon presents, think about these moments and how you can further enhance the everyday with small but meaningful touches. 


Balancing your interest in simplicity with the consumerism and expectations of the Christmas holiday season is really about remembering that you have a choice.


You get to choose what kind of holiday you have.

And it's up to you how you show your appreciation for others. 


Maybe you've already discovered that drawing names for Secret Santas is a great way to keep the tidal wave of gifts at bay. Perhaps you choose a minimalist approach to decorating, using natural materials and reducing the waste that this season can create. And you may already know the utter joy of saying no to invitations that make you feel less than jolly.


You have the power to create the kind of holiday that makes you feel truly connected and content by deepening the small moments and making meaningful memories.


How does all this fit with glass straws? Well, here's the truth: I buy hardly anything, but I absolutely love glass straws. I use them multiple times a day, and I can tell you that sipping my tea or juice through a glass straw makes every sip soothing and special. At this stage in my life (age 59, becoming a grandmother within days!), I wouldn't go into business selling something unless I really felt it impacted my life in a positive way.


For me, glass straws really elevate even the simple act of drinking water. They are part of making my everyday experiences feel special, and using them daily makes living with less feel downright luxurious.


Anyway, if you're looking for an easy way to elevate your everyday while keeping things simple, I invite you to start with the simplest things first.


Like how you sip. :-)


You might be as amazed as I am! 

Maya xoxo


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