Why We Sell Our Glass Straws at Wholesale Prices to the Public

Posted on August 30 2019

Why We Sell Our Glass Straws at Wholesale Prices to the Public


It's true that we could make more money if we sold our glass straws in small packets and charged much more than a dollar or so each. (That's the cost of one of our glass straws if you buy a 25-pack in glacier clear.) 


But, you see, that's not why we started this business. We created ToMA to offer affordable glass straws so that businesses and other big straw consumers can make the switch away from single-use plastic or paper to reusable glass straws. 

That doesn't mean we don't appreciate, support, and promote the glass straw vendors out there who are selling one, two, three, four, or five glass straws in a set for end users! We applaud anyone who is selling glass straws and helping to reduce plastic or paper waste, and in fact, we supply a number of glass straw companies that sell small packages of glass straws. (If you're looking for a supplier, we'd love to connect!)

We focus on selling in bulk, and offer our glass straws in packages of 25. (It helps us keep packaging to a minimum.) Instead of requiring buyers to own a business or set up an account, we keep things simple. Anyone can come to our website and buy our glass straws at the same low prices we offer to our business customers. (However, we ship within the United States only--another way we keep costs down and our focus sharp.) 

You've probably seen glass straws for sale online for $3 $8, or even $15 or more each. We're fine with that. There's plenty of room for all of us! If you're looking for a small package of glass straws, we invite you to buy from someone local. 

But if you're a business owner, wedding or event planner, or someone with a venue looking to switch to reusable straws, or if you simply want to buy plenty of glass straws to use at home, share with your friends and co-workers, or give as gifts, we invite you to consider us. 

We truly appreciate your interest, and hope you'll join us in spreading #glassstrawlove at wholesale prices! 









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