Why We Won't Do Black Friday and Celebrate Buy Nothing Day Instead

Posted on November 21 2019

Why We Won't Do Black Friday and Celebrate Buy Nothing Day Instead

Are we a business? Absolutely. So, of course we depend on customers in order to be successful. 

But that doesn't mean we have to buy into the frenzy of holiday consumerism. Though it may be contrary to what most would consider good business strategy, we are actually encouraging our customers (and everyone else) to avoid Black Friday and in fact do everything BUT buy. 

That's why we plan to continue our years-long celebration of Buy Nothing Day not only personally, but as business owners. 

Think about Thanksgiving. You've probably got your family and friends right there near you, and it may be a limited time that you have to spend with them. So, why not just enjoy a day after that is not gripped by the buy-now mania? Stay home, eat leftovers, go for a walk together, laugh, tell stories, play with the children, snuggle the babies. Make that Friday after Thanksgiving about being with people in meaningful ways rather than racing around to buy presents for them. 

We like the mindfulness of Buy Nothing Day, and its way of setting an intention to avoid mindless consumerism in favor of creating wonderful memories and stronger bonds. 

The stuff will be there on Saturday. There will still be plenty of deals on the things you really do want to buy. The Christmas decorations in the malls and stores will be there to admire for weeks to come.

Spend Black Friday connecting with others, and reveling in the joy of not battling it out with shoppers, standing in long lines, or racing for that parking spot. Put down your phone, and engaging with the people right in front of you. 

This is life. This is what matters. This is everything.

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