Today is National Drinking Straw Day. Though people have been using drinking straws for thousands of years, it was on January 3rd, 1888 that the U.S. Patent Office granted a patent to Marvin Stone for the paper drinking straw.

Back around 4000 B.C., the Sumerians of Mesopotamia used reeds and even gold straws embedded with precious stones to filter and drink their beer. Around the world, people in many cultures have used reeds and tubes of all kinds to enhance their sipping pleasure.

We all have habits and opinions about straw usage these days. To be honest, I never use straws at all when I am at a restaurant, and I don't bring a straw to use for take-out drinks. Many people do, and I appreciate that. I avoid take-out cups completely, so it's not an issue.

But at home and at work, I use glass straws ALL DAY LONG. I use one in my hot lemon water in the mornings to protect my teeth. I use a glass straw in chilled drinks (again, the sensitive teeth thing). I even use a glass straw for my coffee and tea drinks (protecting my teeth from stains.) 

In fact, it was really my teeth that led me to use glass straws in the first place.
But then I realized that I truly enjoyed the soothing sipping experience. I started using straws for water and tea while I worked. It made me drink more liquids. 
My skin became more hydrated. I felt better. My teeth weren't getting stained. It made work feel more soothing.

And since I almost never drink alcohol these days, it was nice to have a way to make my spirit-free drinks feel fancy. I don't even miss the alcohol!

Not everyone feels the need to use a straw. However, if you are looking for a way to easily increase your liquids, protect your teeth, and even reduce your alcohol intake, you might want to give our glass straws a try. 

Those Sumerians were smart. :-)