25 Creative Ways to Share Your 25 ToMA Glass Straws


Why do we sell our glass straws in 25-packs? To encourage sharing! 

And at less than $1.40 per straw, it´s a low-cost way to be generous and reduce waste.

We know that if we make glass straws affordable for everyone, more people will buy and share the straws in creative ways. That means fewer people using disposable straws. But it also means that more people have an opportunity to consider their personal choices. 

Here are 25 creative ideas for sharing your 25-pack of glass straws with others. 

1) ¨I gave 16 to friends who attended my 30th birthday party. My mom loved them, so I gave her 4. I use 5 at home with my roommates.

2) ¨My knitting club got most of them! We are big fans.¨

3) ¨We gave a dozen as a housewarming gift to a family with teenager daughters that moved in down the street. They loved them!¨

4) ¨I took about 20 to work to share with my colleagues. We use them in the break room and they´re a fun touch for our office celebrations

5) ¨We have a rotating drinks gathering with our neighbors, so every month, we host about 20 people. They always look forward to using the straws at our house.¨

6) ¨ My daughter had 15 friends over for her 15th birthday, so that took up most of the 25 straws. Then my husband took 8 to his architecture office. Now we need more!¨ 

7) ¨I got them to give out to friends at our 5th anniversary party. We gave five to each of our 20 guests. Everyone loved them."

8) ¨I added them to the gift baskets I make every year for Valentine´s Day for my work friends. Each person got two straws, along with some other goodies. The straws were what everyone talked about most.¨

9) ¨For Dry January, my book club read Mocktails. I got the straws to give with each mocktail we served, and people were thrilled to get to take them home!¨ 

10) ¨I got them for the conservation non-profit where I work. We are ordering more to give to our members at our next event." 

11) ¨I teach at a middle school. I gave them to each of the 7th graders in my Environmental Studies class

12) ¨Our Climate Action group at church presented them to our panel of speakers at a recent event.¨ 

13) ¨We use them here at the cafe, and people kept asking to buy them. So, we started selling them as a fundraiser for our favorite local charity.¨

14) ¨My daughter received a glass straw as a gift. We then found your company and bought 25 to use at home. She shared some with her dance team, and now the team is getting more to sell to raise money for a dance competition."

15) ¨I took a bunch to the women´s shelter in the next town. I just thought they could use a little bit of luxury in their lives. The director cried when I gave them to her!¨

16) ¨I am planning an Earth Day party. I am giving everyone a flower with the stem in the glass straw as a gift.¨

17)  ¨We are hosting a baby shower for my sister, who is expecting a baby boy in June. All the guests will get blue glass straws.¨

18) ¨My mother never wants any gifts for Mother´s Day. She´s been an environmentalist for years, so we got her glass straws to share with her friends.¨ 

19) ¨My roommate is turning 25, so I am giving the whole box of 25 straws to her! She can decide what to do with them. (I have a feeling she will be ordering even more to share. That´s how she is.)¨

20) ¨I work at an assisted-living center. I got a box to use for our Happy Hour for our residents here. They love how pretty these straws are.¨ 

21) ¨My birthday is on St. Patrick´s Day (March 17th), so I am giving my guests a green straw this year.¨

22) ¨My gardening club loves these straws. I gave one to each of the members, and now they´ve all ordered some to share with their friends and families. Thanks for the idea!"

23) ¨My daughter got braces recently. I got her a box of 25 glass straws to share with her friends who also have braces. They like how smooth and soothing the straws feel when their mouths are sore.¨ 

24) ¨My husband is very proud of his home bar and bartending skills. He loves his Party Pack, and has fun dressing up our nightly cocktail with the various glass straws.¨

25) ¨I am having my annual party in honor of the garden designer Vita Sackville-West on March 9th. I plan to use the green straws as a base for little bouquets I will give to all the guests.¨

Inspired? :-)

There are all kinds of fun ways to share your glass straws.

What´s yours? Send it to Maya at outreach@ToMAglassstraws.com