Get 25 blue 6-inch glass straws for just $32.95 (free shipping!)

ToMa 6-inch blue glass straws in drinks of various sizes


As seen in: 


 photo of bride sipping drink with ToMA glass straw in pacific blue. Photo by Emily Wenzel

Our 25-packs of 6-inch glass straws in pacific blue are 
an easy, affordable way to

add wow to every sip!


*perfect for all social and corporate celebrations including weddings, rehearsal dinners, brunches, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, retreats, corporate events, galas, fundraisers and much more.

*ideal eco-conscious party favors 

*budget-friendly gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors (housewarming and hostess gifts, thank-you gifts, and more

 New to glass straws? 

Our high-quality, laboratory-grade borosilicate straws are durable, non-toxic, and flavor-free. They're dishwasher-safe (visibly clean inside and out!), great for hot and cold beverages, and ideal if you have sensitive teeth or just want to protect your teeth from stains. 


Welcome! My name is Maya Frost.

I'm the chief glassista here at ToMA.

As a mother and grandmother, I care deeply about the health of our planet for future generations.  And as a mindfulness trainer who has spent 20+ years teaching people how to pay attention, I see glass straws as a simple and beautiful way to spark awareness.

I call it mindful sipping.

In fact, one of the most gratifying things for me is hearing from our customers who say that their glass straws are a tool for greater awareness and healthier choices.

Here at ToMA, we are on a mission to make glass straws mainstream. 

We do that by:

◆ keeping our prices low to make glass straws affordable for businesses. Plus, we make those same low prices available to the public so anyone can buy and share our straws. (This is how things change!)
◆ offering free shipping on all orders to all 50 states. (Change happens faster when we make it easy.)
◆ selling in bulk rather than small packets. This encourages sharing, and reduces the amount of packaging needed.
◆ partnering with Relay Resources, a non-profit organization in Portland that provides training, employment, and housing for people with barriers. (Bonus: they are diligent about recycling and reducing waste.)  
◆ pledging a percentage of our profits to The Freshwater Trust to support their science-based success in protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, and California. 
◆ valuing community over competition. We share #glassstrawlove for other glass straw vendors on social media. (We all share the same planet.) 
◆ encouraging mindful drinking. We share images and information featuring no-or-low alcohol beverages.
◆ promoting other Oregon businesses. (We rise together.)

Whether you're preparing for a special event, looking for low-cost gifts, or want to upgrade your sipping experience at home, I invite you to join us in supporting our partners as they promote people and protect our rivers and streams.

Thank you so much! 

With clear love,



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