Boost Your Sales (& Profits!) By Adding Glass Straws to Your Store, Market Stall, or Fundraising Projects


At ToMA, we're happy to provide glass straws ifor a number of uses. We welcome resellers interested in selling our glass straws in their brick-and-mortar retail stores (gift shops, club or spa retail areas, home goods stores), online businesses, farmer's or crafts markets (with or without your own cloth sleeves), or as fundraising items for clubs, schools, or community organizations.

Our straws are an easy, low-cost and highly-profitable addition to any retail operation or fundraising projects.

So, how do you present the straws to your customers? It can be as simple as placing the straws in a glass jar with a handwritten sign designating the price. If you're making cloth bags or gift baskets, you can add them to your wares.

Many of our fundraising customers are selling glass straws individually (no bag or brush) for $5-$6 each, while our retailers are selling them for up to $15 each. 
Order a box of our glass straws and start selling them to your customers!