Can I order ToMA glass straws in custom diameter size or lengths?

 Because we offer glass straws in bulk, we focus on providing the diameters and lengths that work best in most settings.

We tested a range of glass straw sizes in busy commercial settings for months. We learned that going with a narrower diameter straw resulted in challenges with cleaning and higher rates of breakage

All of our straws come in the same diameter (9 millimeter) to ensure that they are easy to clean and highly resistant to breakage with heavy use. Our glass straws work well for most beverages, including smoothies, but they are not suitable for boba (bubble tea) drinks. 

After trying various lengths, it became clear that the 6-inch and 9-inch straws are the ideal sizes both standard cocktails and tall, fully-garnished drinks. When we tried shorter straws (5-inch and 8-inch), customers told us that they were more difficult to use with garnished beverages, and were too short for those who enjoy stirring their drinks. 

Looking for glass straws in custom lengths? Contact us! We can refer you to good glass straw vendors in your area.  Send an email to Maya at