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Why stop using plastic straws now?

 City and state governments across the country are banning the use of plastic straws. In the U.S. alone, up to 500 million straws are used daily, and many of them end up polluting our waterways and harming marine life.

Even if there isn't a ban in your area, switching now shows your customers, staff, and community that you're a leader who takes the plastic ban seriously.


There are other alternatives to plastic. Why choose glass? 

 Glass is the superior choice in terms of appearance, reduced waste, ease of cleaning, durability, and customer satisfaction. Plus, choosing glass can save you money.

⧫Our glass straws are a beautiful option that instantly upgrades the look of any beverage. They come in several colors and sizes, making it easy to choose the perfect straw to accompany any drink.

⧫Using reusable glass straws means your business is no longer creating waste from plastic straws.

⧫Our glass straws are dishwasher safe and a breeze to clean.

⧫Our glass straws are durable. They're made with the highest-quality borosilicate glass--the same type of glass used for Pyrex baking dishes.

Customers love the smoothness of glass straws. It's like drinking a soda or beer from a can versus a bottle; glass just feels better. Plus, it's an excellent insulator, so it's perfect for either hot or cold beverages, and can protect those who suffer from tooth sensitivity. In addition, our glass straws make excellent reusable coffee stirrers.

⧫ The average glass straw will be used for a year or longer, meaning you'll reduce the time and money spent on ordering single-use options

Using glass straws can reduce your plumbing costs (no more straws clogging your drains.)

⧫By choosing glass straws, you'll free up storage space that's currently filled with boxes of single-use straws.


 How should ToMA glass straws be washed? 

 Our glass straws are easily cleaned in a dishwasher. We include a dishwasher-safe caddy (or two) with each complete package. Simply place your used straws in the caddy, and wash them along with your other glassware.

Prefer to wash your glass straws by hand? No problem. Though we include special brushes with every order, in the vast majority of cases, a quick soak, wipe, and rinse is all it takes to clean the straws.


What about breakage?

 Our borosilicate glass straws are made with much stronger glass than typical drinking glasses. Of course, any glass can be broken or chipped if dropped from a height or onto a hard surface, but in our months-long tests, we saw very little breakage. Simply handle your glass straws the same way you would handle your other glassware


What if a straw gets broken?

 It happens. If you break one of your ToMA glass straws within 2 weeks of purchase, we'll send you a replacement straw at no cost.

Simply take a photo of the broken straw, and send it to us at outreach@tomaglassstraws.com along with a description of how it was broken. (We're just curious to learn more about how to prevent breakage.) 


But glass straws are expensive. They're not an affordable option for a business.

 That's why we've made it our mission to make glass straws available to businesses at an affordable price.  While we applaud those who are selling and using glass straws in small sets for personal use, we know that the biggest impact will come from businesses. So, we focus on helping businesses make the switch to glass.  


Where is ToMA located? 

 We're in Portland, Oregon. André--the visionary behind ToMA--grew up in southeast Portland, Tom was born and raised in Hillsboro, and Maya is from the tiny town of Gaston. We raised our children in the Portland area. It's home.

We use Relay Resources, located in northeast Portland, as our fulfillment company. Relay Resources creates opportunities for people to overcome barriers, achieve independence, and realize a stronger sense of purpose through training, employment, and housing


What about people with disabilities who require plastic straws?

 Excellent question! We are sensitive to the needs of those who require a flexible straw. All restaurants should maintain a supply of plastic straws for customers who request them.


Where are ToMA glass straws made?

  We searched for a superior manufacturer that meets the highest standards for working environment, fair wages, and of course, the quality of the glass itself. 

We're using the very same companies that make glassware for IKEA. IKEA has a rigorous selection process for suppliers, and we feel confident that we are working with the very best. These Asian manufacturers have outstanding products and service. Because we order thousands of straws at a time, our prices are competitive.


What do customers think of ToMA glass straws? 

  We've heard rave reviews from customers, staff, and members of the community. In fact, using glass straws helped André's restaurant win a Green Business Leader Award for sustainability. 

In addition to the obvious beauty and smooth elegance of glass, there's the added perceived value of glass straws. A beverage with a glass straw will look and feel more expensive than one with a plastic or paper straw. By elevating your customers' experience, you create a sense of luxury likely to justify a higher-priced beverage.

Finally, your customers will value your choice to go with a reusable straw option, and they'll tell others about the beautiful glass straws you're using. This can lead to greater loyalty--and curious new customers. 


Will glass straws get stolen by customers?

 As a business owner, you know there is always the risk of theft. Initially, glass straws may attract the attention of those who might consider taking one. However, our experience has shown that as the novelty wears off, loss becomes less of a risk.


What do servers and bartenders need to know?

 Customers will be surprised and delighted by the glass straw in their beverage. Explain that the business decided to make an educated choice about plastic alternatives, and opted for beautiful, reusable glass that is as easy to clean as drinking glasses and flatware

NOTE: As every parent and restaurant server knows, children may not always behave at the table. Some children may see the glass straws as toys.

We highly recommend that servers use their discretion when including glass straws in beverages for children under the age of 12. It may be best to ask a parent's permission, or simply point out that the straws are made of glass and should be treated gently.  

 What about custom orders? 

 We're gearing up to offer custom orders (with additional colors) for weddings and events. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

 Questions? We'd love to hear from you! 

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