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Are you aiming to drink less alcohol in 2020? You're not alone! In fact, according to a recent study, nearly 70% of women in the U.S. say they plan to reduce their alcohol intake in the year ahead.

Of course, that was BEFORE COVID-19 hit. Now, even though alcohol sales have soared, so has the number of those who are using quarantine to explore a sober lifestyle.

We all come to the idea of reducing our alcohol intake from different places.

My own story started with a mosquito bite in Mexico.

There was an epidemic of chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that is known for its horrible joint pain (the name chikungunya is an African word meaning "walks bent over"). Fortunately, I had a very mild case of chikungunya. In fact, it was so mild that at first, I thought it was altitude sickness because it hit me when we were in a mountain town at 7000 feet. 

(Here's a photo of me exploring Mayan ruins deep in a Mexican jungle on my 55th birthday. It was taken just days before that fateful mosquito bite.)

But a full year after I had chikungunya, I started feeling excruciating pain in my hands and feet. My toes and fingers were red and swollen. I could barely move. 

It turned out that I was one of the rare ones (generally women over 50 with a family history of autoimmune disease) who ended up with post-chikungunya chronic inflammatory rheumatism. It's a painful autoimmune syndrome that destroys joints and ruins organs.

There is no cure.

Average life expectancy: 64 years. 

The only treatment: taking powerful and expensive chemotherapy drugs for the rest of my life

I was devastated.

I had always been healthy and active. I couldn't imagine spending my last years barely moving, in terrible pain, and helplessly watching myself deteriorate. I had things I wanted to do! Places to see! People to love! Would I even be able to hold my future grandchildren?

I went online, read the very scant research on the condition, and started following people with autoimmune diseases who had healed themselves through diet.

It took two long years (and a lot of superfoods) to turn things around, but as long as I watch my sugar intake and avoid alcohol, I remain symptom-free and have halted the joint deterioration.

Now, that may sound pretty dramatic, but there are thousands of women across the U.S. who have a story of declining health that was triggered or worsened by alcohol.

Maybe you're just tired of that day-after feeling.

Perhaps our mommy-needs-wine culture is really not helping your parenting. 

Maybe you're looking to improve your overall health with an eating approach that doesn't include alcohol.

Or it might be that you'd just like to swap some of your cocktails or glasses of wine for spirit-free beverages, but don't want to be stuck with just sparkling water and lemon.

Hey, maybe you're ready to see what it feels like to be completely sober for a month, for a year, or forever.

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