Glass Drinking Straws at Wholesale Prices for Businesses and the Public

ToMA Glass Straws offers drinking straws in green, clear, blue, amber, and teal at wholesale prices to businesses and the public

Looking for glass drinking straws at great prices? 

ToMA Glass Straws is the go-to source for glass straws at wholesale prices in the United States. Selling in 25-packs starting at just $24.95, our high-quality glass straws are durable, dishwasher-safe, and dentist-recommended. Whether you need 25 glass straws to share with friends and family, 250 for an event, or 2500 for your employees, we´ve got you covered. 

Glass Straws for Resellers 

We supply our glass straws to resellers (both online and brick-and-mortar stores) across the U.S. and beyond. We make it easy to start with just 25 glass straws to see how they do in your retail setting. Gift store owners, zero-waste shops, sustainable products stores, health food stores, and online stores buy our glass straws at between $1 and $1.50 each and resell them for between $4 and $20 each. Market stall sellers often choose to sell our straws individually by displaying them simply in glass jars or other containers. Retail store owners may do the same or offer glass straws in drawstring gift bags with or without a cleaning brush. 

There is no need to set up a wholesale account with us. We make things very simple! Just order your straws from our website at our always-low prices. There are special discounts for orders of over 500 glass straws and for those over 1000 glass straws. 

Glass Straws for Wedding Favors or Green Gifts

Event planners for corporations or nonprofits,  wedding or elopement planners, and DIY brides have access to the same low prices on our glass straws. Those looking for green wedding favors or sustainable gifts at trade shows or corporate meetings can choose to give glass straws as standalone gifts in our drawstring bags or as part of a gift box of sustainable products.

Glass Straws for Non-profit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are using our glass straws as gifts for members with a minimum donation, or selling the straws in their gift stores. Others offer glass straws as favors at their fundraising events or galas.

Glass Straws for Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants (including those at hotels and events venues) choose our straws as a surprisingly low-cost alternative to plastic straws. With a minimum reuse rate of 40 and many straws being reused hundreds of times, glass is a reusable straw option that is easy on the budget. Bars looking to upgrade their craft cocktails or mocktails are using our glass straws to add luxury to every sip and increase customer satisfaction. (They also get a boost in social media shares of drink photos featuring glass straws.)  Our restaurant clients have found that the cost of our glass straws is far surpassed by the increase in publicity leading to new and return customers. 

Glass Straws for Spas, Clinics, and Retreat Centers

In addition to resellers, events, and food and beverage clients, our straws are sold and used in a range of wellness facilities, including beauty salons, spas, dental clinics, med spas, skin treatment centers, retreat centers, and other settings. Some choose to offer the straws for sale in their retail shops, while others use the straws in their affiliated cafes or restaurants, of offer them as gifts to members or customers with purchase.

Glass Straws for Workplaces

We also sell our glass straws to employers who make them available to their employees in cafeterias or break rooms or by giving them as gifts. And we sell our glass straws to co-working places that use the straws for their communities in office or kitchen spaces, or as gifts for those attending their after-hours networking events or happy hours.

Glass Straws for Home and Personal Use

Our non-business customers are loving the chance to buy affordable glass straws to use for their own personal events, such as birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, or family gatherings. Some people buy a 25-pack of glass straws to share with friends, family, or neighbors, or to give as hostess gifts or housewarming gifts. 

Whatever you choose to do with your glass straws, we promise high-quality products, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service. 

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