Elevate Your Corporate Events with Glass Straws

Photo of clear cocktail with 6-inch reusable glass straw in forest park green by ToMA Glass Straws, the go-to glass straw source for businesses and events

If you're an event planner looking for a simple, low-cost way to elevate your corporate gatherings, consider adding glass straws to the beverages you serve, or offer them as eco-friendly gifts.

Our glass straw prices are the best in the industry. Purchase glass straws in single-color packs of 25 to create your own custom collection to match your brand and theme. At just a dollar or so each, our glass straws are an inexpensive item that can make a lasting impression while contributing to waste reduction. 

While we don´t offer customization ourselves, we can certainly steer you in the right direction! Send an email to Maya at outreach@ToMAglassstraws.com and she'll be happy to recommend our professional partners in your area..The price per straw varies, depending on the number of straws needed.

In addition, we offer drawstring gift bags in velveteen for straws intended as gifts. View our bag options.

Whether you use glass straws as promotional gift items at conferences, present them to board members and leaders at your corporate retreats, or provide them to employees to reduce paper and plastic waste in the workplace, you'll add eco-conscious elegance to every sip.

Retirement parties, end-of-year events, product launches, awards dinners, auctions, galas, annual meetings, and fundraisers are all occasions that can be enhanced by glass straws. Request your complimentary sample here.

From intimate dinners for 25 to splashy events of 2500+, we can help you select a customized glass straw collection that will elevate your event, delight your guests, and get people raving about your business while reducing waste.