ToMA Glass Straws for Weddings & Social Events

Photo of green ToMA glass straw in pink signature drink by AH Photo Co.


One of the hottest trends for weddings and related social events is using glass straws to enhance signature drinks and featured cocktails, add an element of surprise to the table, and serve as delightful eco-friendly wedding favors or gifts for event attendees. We're delighted to provide our straws to happy brides and their wedding planners! (Are you an event planner? Request your complimentary samples here.)

Glass straws are an affordable, eco-friendly takeaway gift option. We offer drawstring gift bags in jute or velveteen, and for large orders, you can customize the color and even print a name or logo on the bags.  

Or, you can keep things super simple and just offer a glass straw at each place setting. Here's a testimonial from a happy bride who did just that:

Testimonial from a happy bride who gave ToMA Glass Straws as wedding favors to her guests.

For engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal party events, and other wedding gatherings, our glass straws add luxury to every sip. Serve your bridesmaids a glass of rosé with a lovely rose garden pink straw as they celebrate during your bachelorette party. They'll love the smooth elegance of glass and appreciate having a reusable glass straw (and the accompanying drawstring bag) to use at home, work, and elsewhere.

Hosting brunch the day after the wedding? Serve mimosas or mocktails to your guests with a beautiful glass straw as a parting gift. 

Whether you're planning an event for 25, 250, or more than 1000 attendees, we can provide beautiful glass straws for gifts your guests will love




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