Our Glass Straws Are a Sustainable Wedding Trend in 2020


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One of the happiest trends for 2020 weddings and related events is intentionally designing an affair that is sustainable. From recycling flowers for another event and donating leftover food to sourcing wedding attire and tableware, there are many simple ways to make weddings and other social events more eco-friendly.

Couples are looking for wedding favors that reflect their own personal values. Rather than an etched wine glass (not ideal for teetotalers) or a gift bag with items not likely to be used by all guests, more couples are choosing to offer a simple gift that anyone can use, and one that will result in less waste.

We love this idea for many reasons, but we are especially honored that so many couples are choosing to give our glass straws as favors at their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, day-after brunch, and as gifts to wedding helpers. 

Photo by Emily Henzel of a bride sipping a glass of champagne using a blue glass straw.

Couples and their wedding planners are getting creative about how they present the straws to event guests. From tying them with a velvet ribbon to slipping them into custom-printed chopstick sleeves, glass straws can be given in ways that match your theme and fit your style perfectly. For green-minded brides and grooms, giving guests an easy way to reduce their own personal consumption of single-use plastic is a meaningful mission.

For informal weddings, some couples choose to put a glass jar filled with glass straws on each table with a sign that says something like, "Sip, Sip, Hooray!" and a little note making it clear that the straws are a gift for each guest to take home. (They're easy to slip into suit pockets or clutches.)

Clear glass mug filled with clear ToMA glass straws with handprinted tags for wedding favors for guests.

Other couples choose to present the straws at place settings, either in a cloth bag that matches the wedding colors or in a way that fits the couple's personality (in Chinese chopstick sleeves, wrapped in a bandana, or tied with velvet ribbon.) 


We offer velveteen drawstring bags that look lovely at place settings and can be used by the guest as a carrying case for their glass straw.

Whether you're planning an event for 25, 250, or more than 1000 attendees, we can provide beautiful and reusable glass straws your guests will love

Need help deciding which straws are best for your celebration and the beverages you plan to serve? Contact Maya at outreach@ToMAglassstraws.com