Message from Maya


Maya Frost of ToMA Glass Straws


Hey there! I'm Maya.

I'm a ToMA co-founder and chief glassista. That means I create the content, offer stories on social media, talk to customers, and generally share my passion for glass straws.

And I love it! After all, I'm a storyteller at heart. I am an author (THE NEW GLOBAL STUDENT, published by Crown/Random House in 2009), artist, and teacher. I've taught hundreds of kindergarten students in four countries, and even served as the governess for the family of a famous billionaire. Back in 2000, I started a mindfulness training company in Portland, Oregon that taught thousands people around the world how to get calm, clear, and creative. 

But here's my real superpower: I'm a minimalist. I have been for years. 

So, how does a minimalist who buys almost nothing end up selling a product? 

It's simple (just like the rest of my life!) You see, I know that the key to living happily with less is to find ways to enhance your everyday experiences. 

And guess what? Glass straws are an amazing way to make every sip feel special. 

Truth: I absolutely love my glass straws, and use them every single day in a range of beverages, from morning smoothies to hot herbal tea. They add luxury to even a simple glass of water. I take mine with me whenever I travel, and they're honestly my favorite self-care tool. 

Listen, I'm 59 (60 in June), and at this point in my life, I wouldn't bother to sell something unless I truly believed it had a positive impact on my life. Bottom line: Glass straws make my simple life feel fancy. :-) 

In 2020, our intention is to focus on clarity. And as I have been teaching others for nearly twenty!() years now, the key to clarity is to whittle away at the things we do, think, and own in order to create space for allll the good stuff.

I believe that now is a critical time for all of us to create space in our lives for more energy, creativity, and connection.

I hope you'll join me as we stride into this new year with intention, a little wisdom, and plenty of humor. 

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Thank you so much for showing up. I truly appreciate you. <3

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