At ToMA, we funnel our fondness for the Pacific Northwest (and our friendship of 25+ years) into a business that helps to keep our cherished places pristine.

Impressed by the glass straws we encountered in our travels (and cheered on by our combined six millennial daughters), we decided to provide affordable reusable glass straws to businesses and events in our beloved state of Oregon and beyond.

We are committed to keeping our prices low, our packaging minimal, and our mindset positive. We value community over competition, and share #glassstrawlove for other glass straw vendors everywhere.

Thank you for your support!

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Why glass straws? 


ToMA Team

Andre Jehan, co-founder of ToMA Glass Straws


A m b a s s a d o r

Restaurant/bar owner.

World traveler.

A true Renaissance man, André  introduced glass straws in his own Portland restaurants after using them in Europe. Now, he is a traveling evangelist spreading the gospel of glass.

Photo of Tom Frost, co-founder of ToMA Glass Straws in Portland, Oregon. ToMA sells beautiful, affordable glass straw packages to bars, restaurants, cafes, event spaces, weddings, and for home use.


C o n d u c t o r

Logistics legend.

Sir Walks-a-Lot.

When Tom's not out hiking (and even when he is), he's the go-to guy who gets things done. Tom brings his eagle eye, quirky sense of humor, and talent for traffic direction to ToMA. 

Photo of Maya Frost, co-founder of ToMA Glass Straws in Portland, Oregon. ToMA offers beautiful, affordable, elegant glass straws for large and small bars, restaurants, and cafes, and for events, weddings, and home use.


C o n n e c t o r

Book author.

Mother of 4 women.

Maya puts her whole heart into ToMA outreach. She loves connecting with everyone from restaurant owners and wedding planners to dentists and school parents looking for fundraising ideas. 


C o m m u n i t y



We are grateful for the growing network of business owners and event planners who are partnering with us and spreading the word about our glass straws.


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