We care about healthy ecosystems.

At ToMA, we funnel our fondness for the Pacific Northwest into a business that supports our community and helps to keep our cherished places pristine.

We keep our prices low in order to make it affordable for businesses to switch to reusable glass straws, but we make those same low prices available to the public so anyone can buy our straws and share them with others. 

For order and sample request fulfillment, we partner with Relay Resources, a non-profit organization in Portland that provides training, employment, and housing for people with barriers.

We give to The Freshwater Trust to support their good work in protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, and California.

We value community over competition. That's why we share #glassstrawlove for other glass straw vendors in our social media accounts.

We love Oregon, and support and promote other Oregon businesses. 

Thank you so much for considering our glass straws! We truly appreciate your support.

ToMA Team

Maya Frost

C o n n e c t o r


Mother of millennials.

Maya is a creative strategist who puts her whole heart into ToMA outreach. She loves connecting with everyone from restaurant owners and event planners to dentists and DIY brides.

Tom Frost

C o n d u c t o r

Logistics legend.

Sir Walks-a-Lot.

When Tom's not out hiking (and even when he is), he's the go-to guy who gets things done. Tom brings his eagle eye, quirky sense of humor, and talent for traffic direction to ToMA. 

André Jehan

A m b a s s a d o r

Renaissance man.


After using glass straws in Europe, André introduced them in his green-award-winning Portland restaurants. He lives in a floating home on the Columbia, drives a Smart car, and spreads the gospel of glass.


C o m m u n i t y



We are grateful for the growing network of business owners, event planners, and others who are partnering with us and spreading #glassstrawlove.


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