I believe in the power of glass straws to help us slow down, enjoy the moment, and become more aware of what and how we drink. 

As a mother and grandmother, I care deeply about the health of our planet for future generations. 

And as a mindfulness trainer for nearly 20 years, I know that paying attention is the key to creating positive change. I value glass straws as a simple but surprisingly powerful awareness tool. Using a glass straw is a great cue to turn the everyday act of sipping into an opportunity for calm connection.

I call it mindful sipping. 

Glass straws have been instrumental in helping me avoid drinking alcohol. They make even water feel like a special treat! In fact, we are hearing from women across the country who are using their glass straws as a cue for healthy choices.

But you don´t have to abstain from alcohol to enjoy our glass straws. They are a beautifully reusable option for anyone interested in reducing waste and sipping in style.

Glass is a glorious blend of nature, art, and science. Whether it´s a stained glass window, a found piece of sea glass, or a simple glass straw, glass creates a sense of awe and delight. I mean, what other trash makes people do a happy dance on the beach? 

I have a feeling you´ll love glass straws [almost] as much as I do! :-)

With clear love,

signature of Maya Frostxo

Maya Frost, Chief Glassista at ToMA


Here at ToMA, we believe that giving someone a reusable glass straw is a beautiful way to spark awareness about everyday choices.

Our focus is on helping YOU and our community by:
◆ keeping our prices low to make glass straws affordable for businesses. Plus, we make those same low prices available to the public so anyone can buy and share our straws. (This is how things change!)
◆ offering free shipping on all orders to all 50 states. (Change happens faster when we make it easy.)
◆ selling in bulk rather than small packets. This encourages sharing, and reduces the amount of packaging needed.
◆ partnering with Relay Resources, a non-profit organization in Portland that provides training, employment, and housing for people with barriers. (Bonus: they are diligent about recycling and reducing waste.)  
◆ pledging a percentage of our profits to The Freshwater Trust to support their science-based success in protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, and California. (Learn more about how we work with our two partners here.
◆ valuing community over competition. We share #glassstrawlove for other glass straw vendors on social media. (We all share the same planet.) 
◆ encouraging mindful drinking. We share images and information featuring no-or-low alcohol options.
◆ promoting other Oregon businesses. (We rise together.)
◆ embracing creative collaboration. How can we help you with your business, events, photo shoots, campaigns, or other projects? We'd love to hear your ideas!
Just send a message to Maya at outreach@ToMAglassstraws.com
Thank you so much! :-)