Why are ToMA Glass Straws cheaper than others?


 A lot of people ask us how our prices are so low compared to most other glass straw companies.

It´s all part of our mission to make glass straws mainstream

Keeping glass straws as a high-end option doesn´t allow them to be used widely in all kinds of settings. Our goal is to make it easy to buy glass straws in an affordable 25-pack for sharing, whether that´s with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, employees, customers, or guests. 

Here´s how we keep our prices low: 


**Our straws are cut using precision machinery.

Here´s the truth: all borosilicate straws start out as long tubes. When you see glass straws described as ¨hand-made¨ it means that someone cut the borosilicate tubes to a specific length. Some glass artists also create designs (turtles, happy faces, etc.) on individual straws. 

We don´t do that. Because we sell in bulk, our borosilicate straws are cut by precision machinery rather than by hand. In addition, our bent straws are bent using machinery. And we don´t offer any decorated straws. (We think they´re beautiful just the way they are!) 

We love supporting local artists and businesses. In fact, we supply many glass straw artists and vendors who then bend or decorate our straws before reselling them. 

Our goal is to avoid competing directly with glass artists by not selling our glass straws in small numbers. If you want only a few glass straws, we heartily encourage you to buy them from a local glass artist! But if you need more than just a few, we are definitely a much more affordable option. 


**We sell only the most commonly-produced glass straw colors. 

Glass straws with red tones (pink, red, orange, purple) are significantly more expensive to produce. By selling glass straws in clear, blue, green, teal, and amber, we can keep our prices consistently low.


**We sell only two lengths of glass straws.

We spent months testing various glass straw lengths in busy restaurant settings, and chose the 6-inch and 9-inch lengths only. That´s because these were viewed by both customers and servers as the best lengths for most glassware. In order to make our glass straws affordable for restaurants and events, we limit our options to only these two lengths.


**We sell only one diameter of glass straws.

We tested narrower and wider straws, and found that the wider straws resulted in people drinking too quickly, and the narrower straws occasionally required cleaning with a brush rather than a quick wash in the dishwasher. This isn´t acceptable in a busy restaurant setting, where straws are reused many times a day!  So, we offer only 9mm diameter straws, which are perfect for liquids and smoothies. (Sorry, bubble tea fans!) 


**We are serious about limiting packaging. 

We don´t sell our straws in small packets. By selling our straws in packs of 25 in simple cardboard cartons, we limit packaging costs and reduce waste. This allows us to more efficiently store, select, and package bulk orders for shipment, and we pass the savings on to you. 


**We stock glass straws from more than one source. 

We have developed relationships with suppliers who follow our strict requirements for workplace health and safety, sustainable practices, and glass quality..

This allows us to maintain a consistent supply of straws at competitive prices. So, while we don´t offer as much selection in terms of colors, lengths, and diameters, we stock plenty of high-quality glass straws to meet the needs of a wide range of business clients as well as end users, and we source from only the most fair and sustainable suppliers.


Questions? Contact Maya at outreach@ToMAglassstraws.com