Why choose glass straws?

New to glass straws? (Most people are.)

Here's a handy little cheat sheet to help you understand

the benefits of going with glass.


Our glass straws are:

Beautiful - They come in several colors to enhance any beverage or table setting and match any theme or brand.

Luxurious - Just as sipping from a drinking glass or glass bottle offers a more luxurious experience than drinking from a can or plastic cup, glass straws add smooth elegance to any beverage.

Reusable & Dishwasher-safe - Glass straws can be used hundreds of times, just like your drinking glasses. They're easy to clean by just placing them in the silverware caddy of most dishwashers, or rinsing them by hand and leaving them upright in a jar to dry.

Durable - Our straws are made of laboratory-grade borosilicate, and are much stronger than stemware. 
Watch this fun 20-second video:


Eco-friendly - Reduce the use of disposable straws (and increase awareness of straw consumption) by switching to reusable glass straws at home and in your business.

Hygienic - Glass is clear, so it's easy to see that it's sparkling clean inside and out. (No lurking residue!)

Flavor-free - Unlike paper, bamboo, corn, hay, pasta, or metal straws, a glass straw will never adversely affect the flavor or integrity of the liquid passing through it.

Affordable - At a dollar or so per straw, they're easy on the budget.

Dentist-recommended - Glass is a natural insulator, so it reduces the discomfort of tooth sensitivity as well as preventing teeth stains.

Unique - Most people have never used a glass straw, so offering one to them is sure to be a memorable experience that they'll share with others.

Newsworthy - Using, selling, or giving away glass straws is new and newsworthy. Leverage that to get more attention for your business in local or trade publications, on social media, and in marketing campaigns. (Or, just share your 25-pack with friends and family. It's a simple way to be generous and help reduce waste.)

Whether you're considering switching to glass straws in your business or just want a few glass straws to share with loved ones, we invite you to consider the benefits of choosing a plastic-free option that enhances rather than diminishes your sipping experience.