Your ToMA glass straw purchase supports people + planet.

We believe in making a difference in our community. In addition to our primary mission to provide affordable glass straws to businesses and the events industry, we partner with award-winning nonprofit Relay Resources and pledge our support to The Freshwater Trust. 

Relay Resources - Providing Meaningful Employment

Maria, who was born with Albinism and is legally blind, is a receptionist at Relay Resources.

Relay Resources is a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon that provides training, employment, and housing to people with barriers. They envision a world where everyone has meaningful work, and offer diverse business solutions to their customers while providing access to jobs for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. Most face physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, or other obstacles such as language barriers or criminal backgrounds. 

Relay Resources is built on the belief that everyone has value to contribute and that providing people with the tools for success is beneficial for all. From landscaping, to janitorial, to supply chain solutions, Relay provides opportunities for people to learn, grow, and serve as valued members of our community.

We are honored to partner with Relay for all of our order fulfillment needs. When you buy glass straws from us, you are helping to provide meaningful work for those who are employed by Relay Resources. 


The Freshwater Trust - Protecting and Restoring Our Rivers


Woman biologist standing in river doing research for The Freshwater Trust, a nonprofit conservation organzation in Portland, Oregon.

A scientist working to assess water quantity on a project in the Salmon River.

The Freshwater Trust protects and restores freshwater ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, and California. Using science, technology, and incentive-based solutions, they are changing the course of conservation on a timeline that matters. 

From monitoring water quality and quantity to working with utilities and private businesses to offset their impacts on rivers and streams, The Freshwater Trust offers collaborative solutions that improve and maintain our freshwater resources. 

At ToMA, we have pledged a percentage of our profits to supporting the good work being done daily to make our rivers and streams cleaner and safer for all.

We so appreciate your support for these nonprofit organizations doing important work!