Best in Glass - 250 glass straws in 5 colors and 2 sizes


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      Ready to stop using plastic straws, but not sure which alternative to choose?

      Our Best in Glass bar/restaurant package offers the very best assortment of glass straws for those who are passionate about providing a quality experience for their customers. The Best in Glass package provides 250 glass straws in a range of colors and sizes, plus 2 dishwasher caddies to make clean-up a breeze

      Of course, you may choose to go strawless, but many of your customers will prefer to use a straw, especially when drinking one of your craft cocktails with garnishes. Plus, those who have sensitive teeth or worry about stains will want to use a straw. 

      Paper straws are an option, but paper can cheapen the appearance of your drinks and can impact your customers' satisfaction. Bamboo and metal straws can work, but customers prefer a straw they can see through--and one they can tell is clean.

      If you prefer to lead rather than follow your peers in the industry, our Best in Glass package will show your customers, your staff, and your community that you are committed to choosing an elegant and reusable alternative to plastic straws.

      Glass straws are:

       reusable (like your glassware, each one is likely to be used over 100 times)

       strong (made of the same high-quality borosilicate glass used for Pyrex cookware)

       easy to clean (they're dishwasher safe, and we supply the caddies!)

       elegant and beautiful (clearly in a class above other straw options)

       an excellent way to enhance and extend the beauty of your craft cocktails (no need for your customers to dismantle those creative garnishes!)

      The Best in Glass package includes:

      • 75 9" glass straws in glacier clear 

      • 50 9" bent glass straws in glacier clear

      • 25 6" glass straws in glacier clear

      • 25 6" glass straws in pacific blue

      • 25 6" glass straws in forest park

      • 25 6" glass straws in rose garden

      • 25 6" glass straws in artisanal amber

      • 2 dishwasher-safe, NSF-approved caddies (one for clean glass straws, and one for glass straws to be washed)
      • 10 cleaning brushes (rarely needed, but just in case)

      Glass straws are easy to clean in the dishwasher along with your other glassware. You may pre-soak your straws in a container with a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap prior to putting them into the dishwasher. We recommend that you place the straws in a container (such as a tumbler or small Mason jar) to keep them vertical after they are washed to ensure that they're completely drained and crystal clear.

      Photo of woman behind a bar placing caddy of bundles of ToMA Glass Straws in a dishwasher along with glassware. Durable, dishwasher-safe glass straws for bars, restaurants, cafes.

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