Cocktail Pack - 25 6-inch glass straws in 4 colors


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      Our earth-tone Cocktail Pack is the perfect choice if you're a home bar enthusiast looking to dress up your drinks and add a luxurious touch to your cocktails. But they're not just for cocktails: these glass straws turn your usual mocktail, juice or smoothie into your own private self-care celebration!

      Add smooth luxury to your hot or cold tea or coffee, too.  Glass is a natural insulator, so if you have sensitive teeth, your glass straw will give you a smooth and painless sipping experience. The 6-inch length is the perfect fit for most mugs and small glasses, and will transform even a simple glass of water. 

      Makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys creating beautiful beverages, from gorgeously-garnished cocktails to fresh green juices.

      The earth-tone Cocktail Pack includes 25 6-inch glass straws in four of our Oregon-inspired colors:

      10 6-inch glass straws in glacier clear
      5 6-inch glass straws in artisanal amber
      5 6-inch glass straws in forest green
      5 6-inch glass straws in freshwater teal

      +2 cleaning brushes (rarely needed, but just in case)

      6 inches long, 9mm in diameter, with 1.5mm wall thickness
      Made of durable laboratory-grade borosilicate, they're much stronger than stemware.
      -dishwasher and microwave safe

      Includes 25 glass straws and two cleaning brushes (rarely needed, but just in case)

      Care and cleaning: 

      Our straws are easy to clean! Just put them in the silverware caddy of your dishwasher, and they'll come out sparkling clean. If you like, you may wash them quickly by hand. Just dip in soapy water, rinse, and place in a tumbler or small jar to drain.

       We ship all orders within 3 business days. 

      Please be sure to wash your straws (by hand or in the dishwasher) before using! :-)

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